Missing Puppy

My puppy Pancake was taken from me and then was wrongfully put up for adoption and was adopted.

Me and Pancake

Pancake My Baby,  My Best Friend

Pancake is a 3 years old male neutered chihuahua. He has big brown eyes,  two cowlicks in his hair on his behind, he has flopped ears, and he sometimes will walk around holding his hind leg up, this is from his hip dysplasia.

My puppy Pancake was wrongfully taken them put up for adoption and was adopted.

On March 7, 2016 I was arrested and had pancake with me a Police officer Flatten removed my dog from me and placed him in a pet carrier in the backseat of another car. The officer allowed me to call for someone to pick up my dog from our current location. I called the closest person I knew, She was 20 minutes away and was on her way. After the squad car I was put in pulled away from the car with my puppy. The officer with my dog allegedly waited 15-20 mins for my friend to arrive but because she hadn’t arrived yet he then brought my puppy to the

Hawk Creek Animal Shelter

PO Box 709

250 28th Street SW

Willmar, MN 56201.

The lady I contacted drove around the location for over an hour trying to find a police vehicle but couldn’t find one.

When my mom went to the Willmar impound to retrieve the vehicle that was towed after my arresting. She asked officer Sam Schaefbauer if there was a dog in the vehicle, officer Sam Schaefbauer then told her “that my dog had been picked up by my friend”.

He never mentioned to her that my dog was taken to the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter, My mom then figured he was safe and sound in the care of a friend of mine.

The Hawk Creek Animal Shelter received Pancake that night March 7, 2016. Pancake wear a collar with a gold ID tag inscribed with


14214 HWY 71 NE

New London MN 56273


The shelter called the phone number on the ID tag and got no answer because it’s my number and because I had been in custody I had no access to my phone. The Hawk Creek Animal Shelter holds pets for 5 days then the pets are then put up for adoption by strangers. The shelter only attempted to contact the phone number on the ID tag. They could have tried to contact someone at the address given on the tag or mailed a letter, or even tried contacting the owner of the vehicle that we were in, which would be my mother.

Most pets that are put up for adoption on their website www petfinder.com are usually there for a while, but somehow the day that Pancake was wrongfully placed on their adoption website Even though I am his Current owner, He was miraculous adopted by someone the same day.

After I was released from jail I tried calling the shelter leaving several voice messages. Director of Shelter Operations Bobbie Bauman called me back informing me that my Pancake was given at to some strangers. She was Extremely rude. Me and my brother drove there just to try and straighten this out but she just told us too bad and shut the door.

Please I beg of you if you adopted my precious little puppy please look into your hearts and do the right thing by returning him to his loving family whew he is meant to be.


If you have any information about the whereabouts of my Pancake please contact me A.S.A.P

Josie - 320 - 905 -3883

 My little sister and Pancake are little buddy's.
Pancake is a important member of our family.

Please Return him to his home where he belongs.

 Pancake sitting in his puppy bed when we first got him. 
Pancake all snuggled inside my jacket fast asleep
Enjoy the summer grass 
Pancake playing with his favorite toy. 

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